Experimental Art 
Raw Art

 Experimental art created during college days, influenced by the art
 of Jean Dubuffet, also Francis Bacon, Oskar Kokoshka, Alberto
 Giacometti, et al. Jean Dubuffett (1901-1985) coined the phrase 
 Art Brut or "raw art" to describe his work at the time, (the 1940's).  
 He studied the art of psychiatric patients, children and other "naive"
 or self-taught artists, and although seemingly comical and satirical, 
 Dubuffet's paintings harbor a mesmerizing quality. Also, English
 critic Roger Cardinal used the phrase "Outsider Art" to describe
 these types of non-conventional works- "outside the boundaries
 of conventional culture".* [sic]

* Roger Cardinal, Outside Art, 1972
 From the left:  Dubuffet, Bacon, Kokoshka, Giacometti

Mountaineer Sketches

Mt. Rainier and Emmons Glacier,
Oil on Canvas (cropped image)

Mt. Olympus

Sketchbook drawings, done back in the Jurasic, inspired by photographs taken
by my brother and his two climbing partners on a winter ascent of the north face
of Mt. Olympus outside Salt Lake City--- a huge hunk of rotten rock, one would
be hard pressed to climb in the summer let alone in the winter. I have however,
always been proud of him for doing it.